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PT. ALIYAH EST INDONESIA is the crew management acted as manning and Ship Agency as well, it will provide you the qualified Indonesian seaman of any ranks and specialization

We supply crew for all Merchant vessels such as Bulk Carrier, Cargo/Heavy lift, Car Carrier, Container, Tanker, Reefer Cargo, Offshore Vessels, Tug Vessels etc.


About Us

PT. ALIYAH EST INDONESIA applies highly competitive global standards for recruitment and equally stringent standards for continuity
we have one of the highest and exacting standards in Indonesia, and we pride on a very high rate of continuity of our sea staff in our client pools

  • We are offering manning services of officers and crew for various types of vessels, including partial manning

  • Crew Recruiting Procedure New Applicant Before a new name can be added our database, the crew are verified and cross-referenced with past employers

  • Our system matches crews who are available to vessels they are previously worked on, and principal benefit from-re-employing crews familiar with vessels, procesures, and policies.

  • As one the most important factors for safe, efficient, economical and environment friendly ship operation.

Our objective is to provide our Principals with the best quality of seafarers available in Indonesia, and to achieve this objective we have established a selection system commences through the use of the computer-based evaluation system, online CES (CES 6.0). Maritime English Test (MET), Ability Profiling Program (APRO), and Personality testing (Facet5)